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SKU : UVC-G5-Dome

Ubiquiti Camera G5 Dome Next-gen 2K HD PoE ceiling camera with enhanced dynamic range and low-light performance

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Advanced Surveillance Experience

Experience advanced surveillance with the UniFi Protect G5 Camera, a 5th-gen device setting new standards for indoor and outdoor monitoring. This camera boasts a 2K HD resolution, ensuring each image is intricately detailed and crystal clear. The camera's 30 frames per second (FPS) capture rate provides a seamless and fluid video playback, essential for capturing fast-paced events and maintaining real-time surveillance. Powered by a high-quality 5MP CMOS sensor, this device contributes to superior low-light performance, dynamic range, and overall image clarity, ensuring a heightened level of visual precision.

  Next-gen 2K HD PoE ceiling camera with enhanced dynamic range and low-light performance.

  • 2K (4MP) video resolution
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle (102.4°)
  • 9 m (30 ft) IR night vision
  • AI event detections
  • Integrated 2-way audio
  • Connect and power using PoE
  • Weather-resistant (outdoor covered)
  • Vandal resistant

Night Vision Excellence

Explore the advanced Night Vision capabilities of the UniFi Protect G5's Night Vision technology. With its Infrared (IR) night vision, this camera captures bright images even in the darkest corners. The IR night vision extends up to an impressive 10 meters, ensuring effective surveillance in challenging nighttime conditions. The camera's proficiency extends further with its Low Light function, a tailored feature designed to enhance performance in environments with minimal ambient light. Benefit from enhanced visibility, enabling precise identification of subjects, and experience uninterrupted surveillance capabilities around the clock.




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